Being registered and using the Digital Tax Free app enables you to control your transaction and be informed at any time about its status.

The Tax Free form issued in the shop  is always fully completed with your information and saves time when shopping and on travel day.



Using the Digital Tax Free POS terminal will make Tax Free quicker and easier than ever before.

Providing an outstanding service improves the customer journey and creates higher customer satisfaction. Interested?



Starting at the point of sale the shopping transaction is digitized when it happens and while the customer is in the shop.

Through its cloud-based platform Digital tax Free is able to provide access through APIs to real-time transaction data applying security checks as well as vaildation services for the export.

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Tax Free Platform

Tax Free for everyone offering state-of-the-art services with real-time data including access to validation services. 


Cross Border

Digital Tax Free provides a service which is designed for cross-border and frequent shoppers including in-store refunds and returning full VAT.

Value Added Services

Offering additional services around and on top of Tax Free is the future, aiming to provide our customers more value in their transactions and an even better service. 




Quick and Easy

Issuing Tax Free forms has never been easier, and while it is quick the forms for registered customers are fully completed and save time – in the shop and later on travel day at customs.


Transparent and Secure

The system provides transparency to the user and is built to have full control over the transaction increasing security and fraud prevention.

More Refund and Value

Digital Tax Free is providing the highest refunds and creates additional value along the customer journey.



What is VAT return ("Tax Free")?

Tax Free is a service offered to international shoppers to get the VAT returned.

It has a legal set of rules underlying and comes with obligations for the shopper who wants to claim the VAT.

In general, you can say Tax Free consists of:

1) Shop > issue Tax Free form

2) Export > obtain customs stamp when leaving the EU

3) Return Tax Free form to Digital Tax Free and claim VAT > get refund.

Who is entitled to Tax Free and what are the rules?

Tax Free is applicable to non-EU residents for goods purchased in private travel in the EU.

Goods have to be new/unused.

Goods eligible for Tax free are all taxable goods you buy and export in your personal luggage.

Tax Free rules build the legal framework in each country and controlled by the ministry of finance and customs.

The ruling is in regard to:

– minimum shopping amount

– export goods from EU within a certain period (shopping month + 3 months). If the form is stamped it is valid and has no time limit/expiry date. Form is valid for 3 years, since the customs stamp date.

– provide your personal details (name, address, country of residence, passport number, contact information)

– the original receipt must be attached to the Tax Free form

– you have to export the goods and obtain a customs stamp.

Important: no customs stamp, no refund.

How to use Digital Tax Free?

If you shop in one of our partner stores for the first time, then

a) shop staff will ask for your phone number to issue the Tax Free form

b) the Tax Free form is issued, the original receipt attached. You should get a return envelope which provides important information on what to do

c) when issuing the Tax Free form, we send an SMS to your phone with a link: if you follow the link you will be able to provide your personal information and complete your Tax Free form transaction.

If you do so Digital Tax Free will incentivize your efforts by refunding you a higher amount.

If you are a registered customer already: simply present your QR code /start screen in the app to the shop staff who will scan it with their terminal and issue a fully completed Tax Free form.

Why download the app and register?

If you download the app and register with Digital Tax Free you will benefit from a number of advantages:

– getting more money refunded: up to 16% – always!

– track your transactions in real-time

– get access to useful information

– contact customer support easily through ticket system

– select your preferred refund method.

Registered customers save time and cost:

present the QR in the app when shopping Tax Free, shop staff will scan the QR and issue a fully completed Tax Free forms which can be presented to customs.

No need to fill information by hand, it is all there.

What is a refund and how to obtain it?

Refund is the amount paid and consists of VAT minus service fee.

The refund is paid out after the valid Tax Free form has been returned to Digital Tax Free.

Digital Tax Free applies a simple refund scheme:

  • registered customers will always receive up to 16% of refund!
  • non-registered customers will only get market standard refunds (subject to local rules in each country).


Refunds can be paid out to

  • bank account (IBAN)
  • credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  • refunded in cash with one of our partners (cash fees applicable)
  • more refund options will follow soon
I have shopped Tax Free and exported the goods, what is next?

Return the customs stamped Tax Free form with the original shop receipt to Digital Tax Free.

The shop should have provided you with a return envelope.

If not then please check the info site from the country you have shopped in and follow the instructions there / send to address given.

If you have downloaded the app and registered, we will transfer the refund according to your set refund method.

If you are not registered yet please provide us with information on where to transfer the refund to.

Please note: only if you are a registered customer using the app will you be able to get up to 16% of refund.

Where can I get cash with a refund agent?

Digital Tax Free offers cash refunds with a number of international partners. More to come soon.

Check our REFUND page for details.

Please note: cash refunds are subject to cash fees which will be deducted from the refund amount.

If you want to avoid cash fees, then opt for a bank transfer or other refund method.

Check in the app (> account, refund options) on what is available.

Where can I get support?

You can reach us either by

  • sending an email to
  • fill the contact form on our webpage
  • as registered user send a ticket in the app (Menu > Support).

We are providing a number of explainer videos which you can watch on YouTube:

General introduction into Digital Tax Free service

Customer app

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