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Digital Tax Free is a new service provider which offers digital technology and an improved service approach. Believing only a happy customer is a good customer it is all about the customer journey aiming to provide maximum convenience.

The constantly growing numbers of international visitors in Europe contributed to the rising importance and demand of Tax Free services. Requirements are many and various and Digital Tax Free developed a new and innovative solution in which technology is driving - and improving - the existing slow and inconvenient process.

Our vision is to digitize the Tax Free service and lead it into the future.

Digital Tax Free Digital Tax Free
Digital from A to Z

All layers of the Tax Free transaction are connected digitally into a seamless process.

Quick and Easy

The service and its technology is built around the customer and easy to use.

Data and Value Added Services

Knowing the customer offers opportunities for additional services and value.

Who we are

  • Experts

    Providing more than 15 years of Tax Free experience knowing the service inside out.

  • Innovators

    Developing Tax Free 2.0 and leading the service into the digital future.

  • Creators

    Creating opportunities by adding partners, expertise and additional services onto our platform.

What we do

We develop solutions the market has long been waiting for.

We drive innovation because today it is about technology: our Tax Free service is cloud-based (Azure, AWS) and our micro-services platform open to connect to all kinds of other services, providers and hosts (APIs).

We keep it simple: our apps and devices are not only easy to use but also to set up: stand-alone, not needing any integration into existing infrastructure or processes and independent from the point of sale.

What we offer:

  • Consulting

    We know Tax Free! Benefit from our experience and let us find the best solution for your needs.

  • Tax Free Service

    Digital end-to-end Tax Free solution with full flexibility including cross-border solutions and full VAT refunds.

  • Tax Free Platform

    Do-it-yourself service for retailers: become your own service provider and offer the best service ever to your customers.

Who we serve

Our understanding of a good service is to make the customer happy.

But Tax Free is a complex service which has more than one customer group to take care of:

We consider customer centricity not only a phrase– we live it and build our services around the shopper!



We care about the retailers equally well and what happens at the point of sale (POS).



We aim at re-writing the Tax Free process from end to end including digital verification services. We act as consultants providing our experience and shaping the ideal process for tomorrow’s solutions.

Our thinking

In Digital Tax Free we have a clear picture and understanding of our service and how we want to be perceived. It is our aim to provide an outstanding service in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. 

What is important to us:

  • Reliable

    We keep our promises and guarantee the agreed service level. Our technology is highly available and follows highest security standards.

  • Transparent

    No hidden fees or charges, we openly communicate the deals offered and charges applied. "Tourist choice" stands for multiple options of obtaining your refund and being able to set (and change) preferences.

  • Trustworthy

    We guarantee your refund in regards to how much and when it will be paid. Always.

  • Sustainable

    We reduce administrative work and work hard to apply paperless services consistently through all the markets. Already today we avoid paper in our daily office routines and where possible.


  • Save Time

    Technology enables quicker issuing, availability of all information and therefore less waiting in every step of the process.

  • Maximum Refund

    We guarantee the refund, apply transparent and reasonable charges and as a result offer the best deals.

  • New Opportunities

    The tax Free platform allows for additional services to be integrated and thus providing more value.

  • Cross Border Service

    This service applies flat fees, refunds up to full VAT and - where available - connects to digital validation services.

  • Reduced Risk

    Our system is built to have full control over the transaction increasing security and fraud prevention.

  • Less is More

    Technology reduces admin cost and eliminates data processing to near zero contributing to a higher refund.

Watch the video

Short introduction into the new service:

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Free is applicable to goods purchased by non-EU residents (called tourists) in private travel.

Ask for a Tax Free form in the shop. Then export the goods by obtaining a customs stamp. Return the stamped form to Digital Tax Free and the refund will be paid out to your account.

Refund is the amount paid to the tourist and is the VAT amount minus service fee.
The refund is paid out after the Tax Free form has been provided back to Digital Tax Free. The refund can be paid to a credit card or bank account, other refund options will follow. We avoid cash refunds as agents and especially airports are applying high fees to an inconvenient service which is often exposed to long waiting lines.

All taxable goods you buy and export in your personal luggage. Goods should be sealed and unused

Tax Free rules are a set of rules in regards to minimum purchase amount, export time limit and other criteria but differ in each country. 

You have to export the goods and in order to document the export need to obtain a customs stamp. Without customs stamp the Tax Free form is not valid and the refund cannot be paid.

The Tax Free form is the basis for your export transaction. The form needs to be completed in the shop, must contain shop information (name, address, VAT number) and has to be completed with your information (name, address, passport number). The original shop receipt is important, must be attached to the form and also returned with the form to Digital Tax Free to obtain your refund. (in case you need a receipt for guarantee reasons then ask in the shop to issue a receipt copy).

Digital Tax Free applies an administration fee for handling your Tax Free form therefore does not always return the full VAT amount. Charges may be applicable for refund transfers. Cash refunds, if available, are subject to cash fees and follow the cost associated with the refund location (airport, other exit point or city) and agent fees. In any case will the amounts charged be listed and transparently communicated. You will know at any time how much you are to get and the service fee charged.

We guarantee the refund amount is transparently communicated and paid according to your preferences in reasonable time. Please note: only if we have received your validly stamped Tax Free form can we initiate the transaction and pay out to your account. 


Download the app, register today and start saving money!


Are you a retailer and want to become a partner?

Are you a tourist and want to start using our service?

Any questions or want to provide feedback and what we can still improve?

Then please drop us a line and we will be in touch with you soonest.

Digital Tax Free
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